Color, Cut, Create - Dinosaur World • Sept. 2020 • ODD DOT 
Unleash droves of dinosaurs, paper toys, props, and playsets from just one book. Let your imagination go wild!
Merrill's Color, Cut, Create Play Sets: Dinosaur World is three activity books in one: color your dinosaur, cut out and construct it into your paper toy, and create imaginative stories, dioramas, and more! All you need is scissors, markers, and glue. No fussy instructions or delicate designs that crumble at the slightest touch. These are paper toy t-rexs, raptors, brontos, volcanoes, hidden waterfalls, and more that kids are actually meant to play with. It's paper engineering made easy!
Color, Cut, Create isn't just another paper toy book.  
It's a CREATIVITY starter!​​​​​​​
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"I think the celebration of imagination and creativity that the Color, Cut, Create! books provide is a beautiful thing."
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