ROAR! I'm a Dinosaur • July, 2022 • Publisher: HarperCollins

Transform into epic dinosaurs with this interactive board book!
What is it like to be a T. rex or pterodactyl? Hold this book up and look through the eyeholes to find out!

Stretch! I’m a brontosaurus! I can feel the breeze! 

Stomp! I’m a stegosaurus! I can shake the trees!

Simple rhymes and unique eyeholes invite readers to jump in on the action. ROAR! I’m a Dinosaur is the perfect energetic read-aloud and natural segue into playtime. It’s also a special imaginative gift for your youngest dinosaur fan.​​​​​​​

Let’s STOMP, CHOMP, & SOAR. Let’s be dinosaurs!​​​​​​​

Merrill Rainey brings each dinosaur to life with clever eyeholes and his textured, vibrant artwork.
"Even babies can participate in dinosaurs’ theatricality, peeping through the set of dinosaur eyes that this fun board book provides on each page. Simple rhymes match dinosaur names with dinosaur actions: for a stegosaurus stomps, a T. rex crunches, a pterodactyl soars. The colorful art is bold but friendly."
~ Cathy Camper • School Library Journal

“An introductory book about dinos wows kids with two eye cutouts to peek through. They can face out the pages and pretend to be a T. rex, stegosaurus or one of the other featured creatures. The simple, but effective, rhyming text highlights one fact about each species.”  ~ Good Housekeeping
“Oink! I’m a Pig and Roar! I’m a Dinosaur combine storytime and playtime…The chunky, durable pages will easily hold up to rough play…With their unique formats, cute illustrations, and catchy text, Oink! I’m a Pig and Roar! I’m a Dinosaur are both wonderful additions to little readers’ bookshelves.”   ~ Ohioana Quarterly
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